Hoadley ~ The Sunshine Workshop ~ Montreal Laval Families Magazine

laval families magazineThank You Montreal Laval Families Magazine for sharing …… :)

We are blessed indeed.

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Sneak peek at some upcoming illustrations in progress ….. :)

10929899_10202541947863873_5346262683502916003_n10929154_10202541947303859_6208473357603708356_nThis watercolor is not finished … but we are having fun painting poolside :)

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Kailee and Elizabeth working on their next book, Forte

-1Kailee and I are hard at play illustrating our next book, Forte …. a story of a little boy who, against all odds, has been shared great gifts which help him not only survive, but thrive…

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Kailee’s New Book Illustrations in Progress ……

Works in Progress ~

Kailee is hard at play illustrating her new book.

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Kailee, 7 Years Old ~ 7 Books Illustrated :)

Mr. Ed Davad has been hard at work creating beautiful new covers for Kailee’s “Missy & Lizzy” series.  Thank you again Ed for your patience and creativity !!!

I find the artistic progression very interesting to watch ~

  • Sweet Snuggles ~ Illustrated by Kailee at 2 Years Old
  • Balloon Wishes ~ 3 Years Old
  • Roses & Rainbows ~ 4 Years Old
  • The Thanksgiving Coat ~ 5 Years Old
  • The Palm Beach Treasure Hunt ~ 6 Years Old
  • I Know I Can ~ 6 Years Old
  • Vivache ~ 7 Years Old
  • Forte ~ soon … :)
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New Book Covers for Kailee’s “Lizzy & Missy” Series ~ The Sunshine Workshop

All interior and exterior files in Kailee’s 7 book

“Lizzy & Missy” Series are being updated and

will be posted soon to the website!

Three finished, four to go …… :)

Thank you Ed Davad for your creativity !!

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Air Transat and The Austrian Society Help Save Lives with SOS Children’s Villages

A note of gratitude to The Austrian Society of Montreal and Air Transat who graciously help support the endeavors of SOS Children’s Villages.

SOS Children’s Villages provide loving homes for over 90,000 children worldwide each and every day.  They rely solely on donations from individuals and corporations for their survival.

SOS is aptly named; they literally transform lives across the world and do so regardless of race, religion, political views or nationality.  Their devotion to the children crosses all boundaries and reaches the hearts of those of us fortunate enough to come into contact with them.

I first heard about SOS when on a flight to Austria on Air Transat.

Ardent supporters, Air Transat offered their clients the opportunity to view a short video highlighting the villages and collected small change to give to the children.

I had no idea that Air Transat’s introduction would soon affect my own life so profoundly.

At The Austrian Ball, I had the distinct pleasure to meet Mr. Joseph Adamo, Air Transat’s Vice President of Marketing, who kindly gave a presentation showing his corporation’s support of the Children’s Villages.

To-date, Air Transat  has graciously shared almost a million dollars with the Children’s Villages since their relationship began.

Accountants when looking at this number may read this in a dollar sense, but having had the honor of visiting the SOS Jamaican village, I know this bottom line really means saving lives …. many, many lives.

Thank you to The Austrian Society, Air Transat and all the donors and volunteers who make this world a better place!

I have a tremendous respect for the work of SOS Children’s Villages do and look forward to helping in any way I can in the future.

Please note:  I am NOT a paid spokesperson for SOS or Air Transat … just truly and duly impressed :)

To support the children, please visit ….

Gala Photo  left to right:  Dave Greiner Deputy Director SOS Children’s Villages Canada, Elizabeth Hoadley, Boyd McBride National Director SOS Children’s Villages Canada.

Photo on Airplane:  Joseph Adamo, Vice President of Marketing, Transat Tours Canada, Inc.


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The Sunshine Workshop ~ Bright Books for Bright Kids

Bright Books for Bright Kids

The Sunshine Workshop

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“I Know I Can” Scheduled for Updated Book Cover – Thank You Ed Davad !

YouTube Preview Image

Following the beautiful “Lizzy & Missy” Theme that Mr. Ed Davad created for us,

he is currently working his magic on the book cover:

I Know I Can

Thank you Ed for sharing your creativity and talent with us !  :)

If you need a fantastic graphic artist, please feel free to visit Ed’s online portfolio:  http://edudes.weebly.com/

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Laval Families Magazine & The Sunshine Workshop Lift Off :)

3 – 2 – 1 – Lift Off !!

Congratulations to Laval Families Magazine who officially launched their new print/online Magazine this week at the Cosmodome in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

Luigi Morobito and his team are to be congratulated for their hard work and tenacity in their endeavors!

Both the magazine and Launch Gala were out of this world …. please excuse the pun…. I couldn’t resist.

Kailee and Elizabeth Hoadley look forward to being regular contributors to the magazine and their new article will be live shortly.

Hundreds of local residents, businesses and even the Laval City Hall came to celebrate and show their support.

M. Alexandre Duplessis, Member of the Executive Committee was present to address his constituents and fellow supporters of Laval Families Magazine.

Please have a peek at their site (http://www.lavalfamilies.ca/)

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