Sneak Peek of Upcoming Vivache Animation

Still in it’s “tweaking” stage, The Sunshine Workshop is happy to share with you our first sneak peek of the animation of Vivache, part of Kailee’s Missy and Lizzy Series.

What makes this production so unique, is that animator Gaia Bracco, has literally isolated 7-Year Old Kailee’s original artwork, made it move, dance and interact.  One feels as if Bracco has virtually breathed life into the characters and settings.

The animation has been produced by a veritable International Dream Team:

  • Directed by Anthony LaMolinara (Oscar Winner SpiderMan2, Nominations for Spiderman, Stuart Little and ToyStory), (China)
  • Flash Animation by Gaia Bracco, (Producer at Emergency Exit Productions), (Milan, Italy)
  • Original Musical Score and Lyrics by Ronee Martin (songwriter for Gladys Knight on Good Woman Album, worked alongside singers Elton John, Seal, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw  ).  (Los Angeles)
  • Musical Composition by Byron J. Smith, (worked alongside Barbra Streisand, Clifton Davis and Dionne Warwick). (Los Angeles)
  • Voice-over by Gigi Abraham, (vocal talent for Disney Interactive, The Smurf Interactive Video with Ubisoft, Tonka, Clifford the Big Red Dog).  (New York)
  • Illustrations by 7-Year Old Kailee (Montreal, Canada)
  • Written by Elizabeth A. Hoadley (Montreal, Canada)
  • Produced by Elizabeth A. Hoadley (Montreal, Canada)

This animation follows the book “Vivache” a lyrical book about triplet fish born in Venice, who may be brothers, but have nothing in common with each other.

The young fish each have their unique personalities;  Vivache is vivacious, Pigaro is lazy and Avarro is greedy.   Each brother follows their distinct paths and Vivache learns how to craft his own destiny ~ creating a wonderful life for himself and others.

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