Thank you to the Game Changers in my Life ~ 1

This person grew up on a beautiful estate in the United States.

He grew up in the 1930’s, thus there was literally no warning when a highly unusual Category 3 hurricane swept through his state.  The family quickly escaped from their home to the safety of another home on sturdier ground and watched as the tidal surges and devastating winds ripped their home off its foundation and imploded where it stood.

Pre-WW2, emergency response times were non-existent, so the townsfolk (who were still alive and able) worked together to do what they could.  Big chain hardware stores were also non-existent, so the people had no fresh lumber and almost 100,000 people were homeless.

Homelessness, death, disease, starvation; it was harvest time for the Grim Reaper.

It’s what his family DID with their destroyed lives that moves me.

As a family, they boarded their little canoe and rowed over to their home. In silence they viewed the decimation.  It’s how each person handles and processes the decimation in their lives that makes them who they are and that fascinates me.

Instead of greedily hoarding what they had left, they shared the timber from their grand estate to build several smaller homes.

Instead of becoming “King of the Hill,” they followed their hearts and, to the best of their ability, positively changed lives all around them.   This boy, who later became a man, father and grandfather, continued to positively change lives all around him and used the experience as a springboard for his life.

This person went on to build great things; yearly he donates more money than most of us can even dream of winning in the Lottery, yet one of his most prized possessions is his little black and white photograph of his home before the hurricane which he places on his dresser mirror.

I am sure the irony of this was unintentional on his part, but I believe he chose the perfect place for it because it truly mirrors who he is and why he became the person that he did.

He is a Game Changer and I am thankful to know his story.

If you are a Game Changer and I have ever asked you so many questions that you have wanted to run and hide, please excuse me.

I admittingly am fascinated by people who grab life by the horns, hang on and ride each day like it is their last.

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