Thank You to the Game Changers in My Life ~ 4

In 1994, I flew across three time zones to meet a woman who I considered to be fascinating.

I am admittingly utterly spellbound by people who have truly live their lives like they mean it.

I was riveted by the depth of her character and her unusual and innate understanding of human character.

As I got to know her, I learned that the was a descendant of a very poor Chinese man who rose up to become the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty by defeating the Mongolian ruler, the Genghis Khan.  Her parents fled for their lives in the late 60’s and she remembered the bombs dropping all around her as they ran.

She has passed away now, but her lessons live on in my mind.  Tenacity.  Intuitiveness. Finding you inner core. Understanding your friend.  Understanding your enemy…. and the often close link between the two.  Observation.  Inquisitiveness.  Curiosity.  Solitude.  Seizing the moment.

She went on to change the lives of millions of people through her inspiring work which is still very much alive today.

People come and go, but inspiration lives forever.

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