Thank You Kasey Cronin & Nancy Ford

Not yet having had the pleasure of meeting either Ms. Cronin or Ms. Ford, I am deeply touched that they would take time from what I understand is an exceedingly busy schedule to read, thoughtfully consider, and write reviews for our recently published book, I Know I Can.

Illustrated by 6-Year old Kailee, I Know I Can (Subtitle: Believe in Yourself and Your Light Will Shine)  is a children’s book about a little girl named Missy Kabissi who longs to succeed, but is in need of encouragement from her best friend, Lizzy B. Fuddled. 

“Thank you for the work you do on behalf of children.  Your books have such a sense of peace, hope and healing.  I LOVE this new book, I Know I Can!  Beautiful words, beautiful illustrations, and most of all, a beautiful message.  Kailee’s brightly colored illustrations bring hope and happiness to every page.”

KASEY V. CRONIN, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Flushing Community Schools, Special Educator for Emotionally Impaired and Learning Disabled Students

“This wonderful book reaches the child within us all.  It reminds us to be all that we can be and never give up.  It epitomizes the psychologist/teacher’s hope for all their clients/students; SELF-ACTUALIZATION.”




Thank you again Ms. Cronin and Ms. Ford!  I look forward to the day we have the opportunity to meet!  Yours truly,  Elizabeth Hoadley

YouTube Video for “I Know I Can”

YouTube Preview Image

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