Elizabeth A. Hoadley

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Hoadley considers herself blessed to have grown up with a stuttering challenge so daunting that it made the spoken word elusive.

Her elementary school, Palm Beach Public, hoping to ameliorate the situation, contacted her parents so that she could be assisted by a speech therapist, but this was to no avail.
Solace was found at the Norton Art Gallery and Palm Beach Public’s school art and music program where Hoadley learned how to express herself through drawing, sculpture, painting and poetry; lessons which are still an integral part of her core personality today.

Through the years Hoadley trained herself to speak normally, but carries the positive lessons learned and uses this insight daily in her personal and corporate life.  Hoadley now divides here time between the USA and Canada, having business and family in both countries.


The Sunshine Workshop, CEO, Founder — 1999 to present

The Sunshine Workshop has offices in both the USA and Canada.  The Sunshine Workshop  creates art, books, films and children’s musical theatre productions.

Our mission is simple, to encourage optimism, hope for tomorrow and belief in one’s self today.  We also strive to broaden children’s perceptions by traveling to other countries, bringing back and sharing ‘little special somethings’ about each place we visit, the things we see and the people we meet.

We grow as people when we get out of our comfort zone; we start to understand truths which transcend to all men and are universal to all people, places, races and cultures.  To-date we have written and illustrated 15 children’s books, hundreds of pieces of artwork, animated films and are in the development stages of musical theatre productions which can easily be adopted and performed by schools across North America, thus bringing important messages of hope, sharing and healing to children of all ages.

Mini-Masters Fine Art Programs — 1999 to present, continuing artistic educational branch of the Sunshine Workshop
Trademarked in USA and Canada, Mini-Masters Fine Arts Programs were created as a response to the budget-driven removal of the fine arts in the North American school system.  Mini-Master programs can be offered either as an para-scholar program or incorporated within the school day and led either by licensed art teachers or non-art teachers who are given the task of teaching art lessons even though they neither have the training nor inclination.

For children of all ages, our programs are based upon three tenets: 1. Cost effectiveness so all children and schools can participate 2. Simple step by step, easy to follow instruction so non-art teachers can successfully develop artistic talent in children even if they are devoid of artistic talent themselves 3. That every person has a second ‘primary’ artistic language (art, music, theatre, dance) which is waiting to be developed so that they can communicate and express them in a healthy, happy and productive manner.


Southern Methodist University, DALLAS, Texas — Bachelor of Arts Degree, Graduated 1987
Southern Methodist University, PARIS, France — Art History, International Business 1982-3

El Centro College for Design — Architecture, Interior Design, 1984-6



Women’s Executive Network



Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

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