Three Graces of Aquila

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“An inspiring connection of words, color and imagination, the Three Graces of Aquila is vivaciously brilliant and tenderly presented.”

RONEE MARTIN, Singer-Songwriter, Lyricist of This is Love by Gladys Knight/Good Woman Album, I’m Just a Little Fish for the Animation of Vivache.

“Hoadley is a rare talent who’s artwork, insights, and abilities have made her a prolific author and humanitarian.  Her works are profound in their simplicity yet sublime in teaching children (and reminding adults) of the most important of life’s lessons about sharing, caring, and being humble: lessons all too quickly forgotten as we each age daily in these trying times.  The Three Graces of Aquila will resonate with you long after you finish the book and examine the story of your own life.”

DAVID CLIFFORD HOLLAND, Esquire, Principal at Law Offices of DCH, PC, New York

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