“Vivache” ~ Illustrated by 7-Year Old Kailee.

Vivache has two brothers, but feels like a fish out of water, even in his own family!  Join Missy and Lizzy as they are spellbound by a little fish with a big spirit and even bigger dreams!

“I love Vivache!  An absolutely enchanting book!”   DAN HILL, Internationally renowned singer-songwriter, Grammy Winner, 5 time Juno Winner and recipient of the prestigious Harold Moon Award (Canadian Lifetime Songwriting Achievement Award)

“I Know I Can”~ Illustrated by 6-Year Old Kailee.

How can Missy succeed when everyone tells her she’s too little?  Dream YOUR dreams and make them come true!

“This wonderful book reaches the child within us all.  It reminds us to be all that we can be and never give up.  It epitomizes the psychologist / teacher’s hope for all their clients and students; Self-Actualization.”NANCY FORD,  MA, MSW, Ed. Spec., LPC, LMSW, LMFT

“Missy Kabissi and the Palm Beach Treasure Hunt” ~ Illustrated by 6-Year Old Kailee.

Missy & Lizzy discover that true gifts in life are not rubies or gold, but simple pleasures found all around us!

“Missy Kabissi and the Palm Beach Treasure Hunt is a treasure itself!  Thanks to Elizabeth and Kailee, this book is a feast for the eyes and the souls of the readers.”  KELLEY DUNN, News Anchor, WPTV Channel 5 News

“The Thanksgiving Coat” ~ Illustrated by 5-Year Old Kailee.

What will Missy & Lizzy’s friend Sweet Zara do when a magical coat mysteriously appears on her doorknob?

 ”This mysterious coat brings Hope, Faith, Light and Love to Others. This little book is about stepping forward, coming together and giving back to the world.  The idea of the passing of love and hope from one person to the next, even from one stranger to another, fills my heart and soul.” HEIDI ALBERTSEN,Supermodel, Actress

 “Roses and Rainbows” ~ Illustrated by 4-Year Old Kailee.

Missy and Lizzy discover that family, hope and love can together work miracles!

“ ‘Roses & Rainbows’ ~ an understanding friend.”  ANTHONY LaMOLINARA, Academy Award Winner ~ SpiderMan 2, Oscar Nominee ~SpiderMan, Lead Animator ~ Stuart Little, Toy Story

   “Balloon Wishes” ~ Illustrated by 3-Year Old Kailee.

Up Up and Away!   Missy and Lizzy make their wishes take flight even on a cloudy day!

” ‘Balloon Wishes’ help parents learn about the hopes and dreams of loved ones through the eyes of a child.”  ANTHONY LaMOLINARA,  Academy Award Winner ~ SpiderMan 2, Oscar Nominee ~ SpiderMan, Lead Animator ~ Stuart Little, Toy Story

    “Sweet Snuggles” ~ Illustrated by 2-Year Old Kailee.

Why did pediatric specialists from a USA hospital gift 500 copies of ‘Sweet Snuggles’ and ‘Healthy Hugs’ to the children in their community?

“Exploring and adopting skills learned in Sweet Snuggles and Healthy Hugs, the child gains a sense of security and self-awareness …”  ELMAHDI SAEED, MD, Specialist in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Private Practice and at Hurley Medical Center Flint, Michigan

    “Three Graces of Aquila” ~ Written & Illustrated by Elizabeth Hoadley.”

Sometimes our greatest growth comes as a result of trying times.  Based on true characters encountered on a visit to Italy, this book is a powerful, lyrical book about love and forgiveness, towards one’s self and others.

“Hoadley is a rare talent who’s artwork, insights, and abilities have made her a prolific author and humanitarian.  Her works are profound in their simplicity yet sublime in teaching children (and reminding adults) of the most important of life’s lessons about sharing, caring, and being humble: lessons all too quickly forgotten as we each age daily in these trying times.  The Three Graces of Aquila will resonate with you long after you finish the book and examine the story of your own life.”DAVID CLIFFORD HOLLAND, Esquire, Principal at Law Offices of DCH, PC, New York

    “Willo” ~ Written & Illustrated by Elizabeth Hoadley.

Set sail with Willo and Eleanora on the Loire as they go through the stages of life that people experience: growth and change, good days and bad, humbleness and pride, and the final realization that what matters most is love and family.

“Elizabeth’s uncanny ability to continue to write such heartfelt books and paint such dazzling illustrations is magical and remains a mystery to me.  She seems to always exude a sense of optimism that the world so desperately needs today.  Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air that I enjoy breathing in.”  PETER SANTORO, Vice President of Development, LESC.org

    “My Wise Eyed Linden Tree” ~ Written & Illustrated by Elizabeth Hoadley.

In the heart of the Salzburg Fortress, stands one lone 500 year old Linden Tree who overlooks the royal quarters, the kitchen, the prison and the church.  No matter what the day brings, she focuses on the positive aspects of life and unites people of different ideas, religions, languages and races and helps us all focus on our similarities rather than our differences.

I even see this as something politicians should be paraphrasing.

“This tale is truly a masterpiece not only in its ability to be perfectly in verse, but more importantly, it speaks to the values and beliefs that we all should have.  I am sure it will hit a core with both adults and children.” BETHE SHEERAN DAY, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of PBSociety Magazine

    “A Wink and a Smile” ~ Written & Illustrated by Elizabeth Hoadley.

This perfectly imperfect family shares their story as they learn to love each other and share simple pleasures.  They learn to honor each other and the family as a unit, protect each other and each person’s thoughts and feelings, believe in dreams and help make them come true, one act of kindness and love at a time.

“No family is perfect, but ‘A Wink and A Smile’ helps us realize that love, respect and kindness begin at home.”  ANTHONY LaMOLINARA, Academy Award Winner ~ SpiderMan 2, Oscar Nominee ~SpiderMan, Lead Animator ~ Stuart Little, Toy Story

    “Aspire to Inspire” ~ Written & Illustrated by Elizabeth Hoadley.

Aspire to Inspire is a sweet, lyrical tale of love which is handed down from a father to his son through years of love, affection and wisdom shared.  A touching story that will be read over and over through the years.

“Elizabeth’s rhythmic words have great impact and meaning.  I am motivated to be a kinder person, better mother and example setter.  Her very gentle words make perfect sense of the code of ethics that we all hope to live by.  How much brighter our world would be if we all Aspired to Inspire…”  BETHE SHEERAN DAY, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of PBSMagazine

    “Queen Abby” ~ Written & Illustrated by Elizabeth Hoadley.

Hoadley sweetly sheds the taboo of a parent leaving the home (divorce, incarceration, addiction) and helps the child focus on his or her talents and see that their futures don’t rely on the actions of others, but from the decisions they choose to make and the direction they choose to follow in their own lives.

“One of the big taboo subjects among children…  How do you tell a child when a parent, or the parent of a friend has to leave the family home?  How do you tell a child about something adults don’t even want to discuss?  Nobody wants to talk about it, until it happens to them.  Queen Abby is a very sensitive and encouraging book about a sensitive subject”  ANTHONY LaMOLINARA, Academy Award Winner ~ SpiderMan 2, Oscar Nominee ~ SpiderMan, Lead Animator ~ Stuart Little, Toy Story

    “Healthy Hugs” ~ Written & Illustrated by Elizabeth Hoadley.

Healthy Hugs is a subtle and loving way to help inform and open dialogue between you and your child to help them avoid acquaintance abuse. Every loving home with young children needs this very important tool because our children’s best defense is education, awareness and open communication with their parents.

“Easily understandable language and vocabulary, and intelligent, colorful, creative illustrations encourage the young reader to somehow ‘find the words’ or ‘find a way’ to articulate that ‘funny feeling’ that accompanies child exploitation.  I applaud Elizabeth Hoadley and her remarkable accomplishments.” Kang Kwon, M.D.   Board Certified Specialist in Pediatric Psychiatry; 44 Years Clinical Experience

“Choose to Believe” ~ Written & Illustrated by Elizabeth Hoadley.

Choose to Believe s a lyrical rhyming book about a mother who teaches her daughters about focusing on what she DESIRES to be the outcome of her life.  A beautiful book to be read over and over again by mommie and daughter.

“Hoadley’s ‘Choose to Believe’ is a touching and beautifully illustrated story which reminds us that in every new project or chapter in our lives, we need hope, faith, love and to focus on growth no matter what may come our way.  I hope schools start adopting this book as part of their curriculum.  HEIDI ALBERTSEN, Supermodel, Actress.

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