5. I Know I Can (@ 6 Years)

Illustrated by 6-Year Old Kailee.

Missy Kabissi, a creative little girl, longs to succeed, but is in need of encouragement from her best friend Lizzy B. Fuddled, after she is bullied by children from school.

Lizzy reminds Missy that the world has been positively changed by people like Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus, Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, Neil Armstrong and Terry Fox.  Each one of these people felt compelled at a young age to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams despite taunts and ridicule from others.

Their ideas may have seemed laughable at the time, but each person continued on their path and positively changed the world for the better, despite the odds.  They created, invented and explored because there was something so strong inside them that they could not happily exist without seeing their dreams to fruition.

Together they encourage other school children to follow their own sense of self and their own hopes, dreams and goals.


“This wonderful book reaches the child within us all.  It reminds us to be all that we can be and never give up.  It epitomizes the psychologist / teacher’s hope for all their clients and students; SELF-ACTUALIZATION.”





“Thank you for the work you do on behalf of children.  Your books have such a sense of peace, hope and healing.  I LOVE this new book, I Know I Can!  Beautiful words, beautiful illustrations, and most of all, a beautiful message.  Kailee’s brightly colored illustrations bring hope and happiness to every page.”


Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Flushing Community Schools, Special Educator for Emotionally Impaired and Learning Disabled Students

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