Set sail with Willo and Eleanora on the Loire as they go through the stages of life that people experience: growth and change, good days and bad, humbleness and pride, and the final realization that what matters most is love and family.


“Elizabeth’s uncanny ability to continue to write such heartfelt books and paint such dazzling illustrations is magical and remains a mystery to me.  She seems to always exude a sense of optimism that the world so desperately needs today.  Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air that I enjoy breathing in.”


Vice President of Development, www.LESC.org

“Hoadley takes us on a journey.  We first meet Willo and Eleanor as a young owl and a willow tree, and we follow them as they grow, develop, change, and learn about life’s little lessons.

‘Willo’ is an enchanting tale that comes full circle and encompasses many emotions.  Hoadley’s beautiful illustrations and rhythmic prose make us feel like we are actually on the Loire.  Elizabeth’s latest book is an insightful parable that both children and adults will learn from and enjoy reading for many years to come.”


Publisher and Editor-in-Chief for PBSM Magazine,  www.pbsociety.com

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