Healthy Hugs

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“Healthy Hugs” is a sensitive book about a sensitive subject. Difficult, taboo topics such as this don’t disappear because parents look the other way and hope things don’t happen. Hoadley hands the power back to the children by shining light into the darkness and encouraging self-reliance, communication and awareness.”

ANTHONY LaMOLINARA, Academy Award Winner~ Spider-Man 2, Oscar Nominee~ Spider-Man, Lead Animator~ Stuart Little Animation Director~ Hollow Man Animator, Toy Story

“Current statistics show that one in four children under the age of 7 have already been physically and/or sexually abused. Even more disturbing is that these same statistics show that by age 12, the numbers go to one in three.

“Healthy Hugs” provides a unique and comforting, yet succinct way to help youngsters.

Easily understandable language and vocabulary, and intelligent, colorful, creative illustrations encourage the young reader to somehow ‘find the words’ or ‘find a way’ to articulate that ‘funny feeling’ that accompanies child exploitation.

I applaud Elizabeth Hoadley and her remarkable accomplishments. She is a shining example of what “Healthy Hugs” is more than capable of teaching all children, not just victims of acquaintance abuse and exploitation.

It is no surprise that her books are becoming more and more popular, and it is our responsibility as parents of young children to see that these books touch the lives of as many children as possible.

Cautious trust is every bit as important as learning to read and write.”

Kang Kwon, M.D.   Board Certified Specialist in Pediatric Psychiatry; 44 Years Clinical Experience

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