2. Balloon Wishes (Illustrated @ 3 Years Old)

Illustrated by 3-Year Old Kailee.

“Inside balloons they sent up, up and away, their cherished wishes on that cloudy day.  They sent up to heaven what they hoped and dreamed, their spirits soared, ALL was possible it seemed.

Kithi was sad her wish didn’t yet come true, but Zara gave a hug and said ‘Please don’t be blue.  Sometimes things just need time to work out, hold your wish in your heart and have no doubt’.”

 Illustrated by 3-Year Old Kailee (her 2nd published book), Balloon Wishes picks up where the beloved “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” left off 200 years ago.  Lizzy B. Fuddled and her friends, Sweet Zara, Missy Kabissi and Kithi all to help your children follow their own dreams both day AND night.

Hoadley’s ‘Balloon Wishes’ helps parents learn about the hopes and dreams of loved ones through the eyes of a child.


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