Aspire to Inspire

“There’s a flame that burns deep in our hearts capable of lighting the night.  There’s a purpose that guides our hearts and our souls; follow it with delight.

And when at the end of the day you rest, remember my words and become your best.  Aspire to Inspire my father would say, brighten your world every day.”

Aspire to Inspire is a sweet tale of parental love which is handed down from care-giver to child through years of love, affection and wisdom shared.


“Elizabeth’s rhythmic words have great impact and meaning.  I am motivated to be a kinder person, better mother and example setter.  Her very gentle words make perfect sense of the code of ethics that we all hope to live by.  How much brighter our world would be if we all Aspired to Inspire…”


Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of PBSMagazine,


Aspire to Inspire is a reminder that we are capable of so much, and should be the best we can be.



Academy Award Winner ~ Spider Man 2, Oscar Nominee ~ Spider Man, Lead Animator ~ Stuart Little, Toy Story

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