1. Sweet Snuggles (@ 2 Years)

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Illustrated by 2-Year Old Kailee.

Sweet Snuggles is a subtle and loving way to help inform and open dialogue between you and your preschool child to help them avoid acquaintance abuse. Every loving home with young children needs this very important tool because our children’s best defense is education, awareness and open communication with their parents.


“Unfortunately, abuse can occur at any age, even to those too young to understand what’s happening.

Sweet Snuggles discreetly helps them see when something’s not right.”


Academy Award Winner ~ Spider Man 2, Oscar Nominee ~Spider Man, Lead Animator ~ Stuart Little, Toy Story

“There is nothing more beautiful than the wonder and innocence of a child. In my practice, I all too often witness young lives lost and shattered by abuse.  Even more disturbing, over 90% of juvenile sexual abuse victims know their perpetrator, often a friend of the family, a highly respected member of the community, an authority figure in their lives, or a family member.

A first of its kind, Sweet Snuggles was illustrated by a 2-year old and told in the voice of a 3- year old.  Thus, toddlers learn crucial lessons at a level of verbal and non-verbal communication in sync with their age and ability to process information. I have found these books to be effective in my practice, even with autistic and non-verbal children.

Exploring and adopting skills learned in Sweet Snuggles and Healthy Hugs, the child gains a sense of security and self-awareness that he or she can use to help recognize some subtle first signs of sexual abuse and exploitation, thus hopefully prevent it from occurring at all.”

Elmahdi Saeed, MD,   Specialist in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Private Practice and at Hurley Medical Center Flint, Michigan

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