Choose to Believe

“Sometimes we feel like we’re swimming upstream.  Sometimes we wish certain things were a dream.  One day we don’t have a care in the world, then the next it seems it all comes unfurled.

It’s then that we need to call on our strength, cast a shadow so bright that it is endless in length. Let’s get our heads off the table and our hearts off the floor, pull the positive from the negative for good things are in store.”


“Elizabeth Hoadley is a dynamic businesswoman whose name you will hear with great frequency in coming days. She is a rare talent who’s artwork, insights, and abilities have made her a prolific author and humanitarian.

The works she has produced on her own and in conjunction with her daughter, Kailee, are profound in their simplicity yet sublime in teaching children (and reminding adults) of the most important of life’s lessons about sharing, caring, and being humble: lessons all too quickly forgotten as we each age daily in these trying times.

The stories and their messages will resonate with you long after you finish the books and examine the story of your own life.”

DAVID C. HOLLAND, Principal at Law Offices of David Clifford Holland, P.C.

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