SOS Children’s Village Canada, The Austrian Ball of Montreal, The Sunshine Workshop

In a land flocked to by millions of sun and fun seeking tourists worldwide, a land flowing with natural beauty, vegetation and resources, there is a small community of little children who lives would be in peril if it weren’t for a group of people who stop the steamroller of generational destruction and change lives in a positive way daily.

These people are uplifting the lives of children who would literally be living on the streets, under bridges, in crack houses and in a world where the word “hope” is only found in a dictionary … too bad they neither would be able to afford, nor read one.

As CEO of The Sunshine Workshop, I was rendered speechless when I heard their stories of how they came to the village.

One child was literally found under a bridge – some are dropped off by parents who know they cannot care for the child properly – some are brought by the local police – some know their parents – some never will.

When I visited in February, a little girl was spending her first week at the SOS Village ~ she didn’t speak and even at 6 years old, was soiling her bed as a reflection of the stress she was escaping from.

Her luck had just turned however, she was escaping TO the wonderful, loving village of SOS which has children’s communities worldwide, where she would receive the continual gift of community, family, education, healthcare, sports and a sense of community and civic duty.  SOS provides loving homes for over 90,000 children worldwide and depend solely on contributions from people and corporations. (

This November 17, 2012, we have the opportunity to support the SOS Children’s Villages by attending The Austrian Ball of Montreal ( ).

SOS was originally founded in Austria after WW2 to house, love and educate the myriad of new orphans after the carnage of the war and has expanded their breadth ever since ~ they now are worldwide, but their roots originate in Austria.

All donations and ticket prices are tax deductible as a Canadian charitable donation.

For more details please contact Anita Hold: 514-369-2339;


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The Incrediable Ronee Martin Creates Song for The Sunshine Workshop

I know CEO’s want to always maintain their dignity and stoic “CEO-ish-ness” ….. but I’ll let you in on a little secret…..

Last year, I received an email from a woman named Ronee Martin that left me crying like a 1st Grader ….. I am usually all smiles, but …. well – before you get upset with her, let me tell you the whole story.

I was checking emails one day, when I received a note from someone claiming to be Ms. Ronee Martin.  The person on the other end of the email told me she loved what Kailee and I were doing and could she and her goddaughter participate … I was intrigued.

I get emails from many people, and like most everybody in today’s world, I turn directly to Google to research with whom I am in contact.Ronee Martin

I GoogledRonee Martin‘ in the Search Bar and found a clip on YouTube.   I clicked through.  Could this be the same person ??  Many of us share similar names – was this her?

In a million years I would never have expected to see/hear what I saw/heard ….. an informal backyard performance of one of the most seriously beautiful voices I have ever heard in my entire life – I nearly fell off my chair.  I thought someone must be pulling my chain …. this voice …. unbelievable !

I sat there in front of my screen, my jaw dropped to the desk, and quite un-CEO-ish, I literally broke into tears for the power of her voice and how grateful I was that she had reached out to contact Kailee and I.

My 15 year old son had a friend over for supper, and MUCH to his intense embarrassment, I cried with happiness ~ I made everyone watch/listen to the video ~ once you click through you will understand.   Normally I am all smiles, so everyone at the table just stared at me wide-eyed and dumbfounded, not quite sure what to do …

I didn’t want to be the next casualty of the Ashton Kutcher “Punk’d” show, so Ms. Martin and I emailed back and forth until we confirmed each others identities before we made phone contact.

I have been grateful and honored each day since to not only know such a lovely person, but to also have our company graced with her creative genius and silken voice.  I later learned that Los Angeles based Martin was a songwriter for Gladys Knight on her Good Woman Album, and sang alongside epic singers such as Elton John, Seal, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

I cannot (YET) share the song Ms. Martin has written for us, but I would like to say publicly to her how grateful we all are to her.  She brought in another uber-talented genius musician to work with her on the musical score …. but story that is for another blog post.

So, without further delay …….Ladies and Gentlemen ……. Let me have the pleasure to introduce to you ……… the uber-talented, incredible, Ms. Ronee Martin ………..

YouTube Preview Image


Ms. Ronee Martin, plain and simple, you inspire me  :) 

Elizabeth A. Hoadley

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Sneak Peek of Upcoming Vivache Animation

Still in it’s “tweaking” stage, The Sunshine Workshop is happy to share with you our first sneak peek of the animation of Vivache, part of Kailee’s Missy and Lizzy Series.

What makes this production so unique, is that animator Gaia Bracco, has literally isolated 7-Year Old Kailee’s original artwork, made it move, dance and interact.  One feels as if Bracco has virtually breathed life into the characters and settings.

The animation has been produced by a veritable International Dream Team:

  • Directed by Anthony LaMolinara (Oscar Winner SpiderMan2, Nominations for Spiderman, Stuart Little and ToyStory), (China)
  • Flash Animation by Gaia Bracco, (Producer at Emergency Exit Productions), (Milan, Italy)
  • Original Musical Score and Lyrics by Ronee Martin (songwriter for Gladys Knight on Good Woman Album, worked alongside singers Elton John, Seal, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw  ).  (Los Angeles)
  • Musical Composition by Byron J. Smith, (worked alongside Barbra Streisand, Clifton Davis and Dionne Warwick). (Los Angeles)
  • Voice-over by Gigi Abraham, (vocal talent for Disney Interactive, The Smurf Interactive Video with Ubisoft, Tonka, Clifford the Big Red Dog).  (New York)
  • Illustrations by 7-Year Old Kailee (Montreal, Canada)
  • Written by Elizabeth A. Hoadley (Montreal, Canada)
  • Produced by Elizabeth A. Hoadley (Montreal, Canada)

This animation follows the book “Vivache” a lyrical book about triplet fish born in Venice, who may be brothers, but have nothing in common with each other.

The young fish each have their unique personalities;  Vivache is vivacious, Pigaro is lazy and Avarro is greedy.   Each brother follows their distinct paths and Vivache learns how to craft his own destiny ~ creating a wonderful life for himself and others.

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The Sunshine Workshop share Secret Pics of Forte’s Castle

Kailee’s new book series, Forte, was inspired in part by a little chateau quietly nestled in a hamlet of the Loire Valley Region.

There is some talk about making this book into a film, so, for now, the location of Forte’s Castle will remain a mystery.

The Sunshine Workshop will offer little clues as to the identity of this chateau from time to time … we look forward to seeing if any of our readers can guess where this is…. one hint – it is NOT named “Forte’s Castle” in real life …

If you are fortunate enough to figure this out … like Forte, you will have wondrous adventures awaiting you if ever you visit ….. and YES …. we will eventually publish the location to this little slice of heaven so you can see for yourselves her charming and intriguing ambiance.

“I think back often to the time my father, Kailee and I were fortunate enough to spend getting to know both the castle and her owners,” said Hoadley.  “They are very special people indeed, and we are grateful for the experience.  Kailee and I look forward to sharing the mystique of their chateau with our readers in our new book series,  Forte.”

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The Sunshine Workshop welcomes another talent to our International Dream Team :)

I consider this a wonderful opportunity,” said Mr. Ed Davad, “to be part of something so pure and beautiful.

The Sunshine Workshop has always prided itself on crafting an International Dream Team of bright and talented individuals from across the globe to help develop our future.

Sometimes the right person is just next door, and sometimes the right person is across the ocean.

The newest addition to our global presence is Mr. Ed Davad, a talented Graphic Artist from the Philippines who has been commissioned to develop covers for Kailee’s Lizzy and Missy book series.

Thank you Mr. Davad for your patience and creativity.  We certainly look forward to working with you at The Sunshine Workshop.


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8 Year Old Kailee Hard at Play Painting Her Next Book, “Forte”

8 Year Old Kailee is hard at play illustrating her 8th book.

This book will surprise many of our readers as her Lizzy and Missy Series follows Kailee’s reading age group.

Her new book will leave young readers flipping the pages quickly to see what happens to Young Forte …. in this illustration that Kailee is painting, Forte has just fled from a dangerous gang and is seeking shelter in a beautiful castle near Chinon, France.

There will be unexpected twists and turns in Forte ~ and will be the beginning of a new series of books aimed at the 3 – 6th grade categories.

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ABC News, Channel 12, Karen Gatlin

YouTube Preview Image
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Dan Hill, Intimate, Thank You for Your Kind Words

Kailee and I would like to extend our deepest appreciation to Mr. Dan Hill for taking time from his busy Intimate concert schedule to express his kind words about Kailee’s new book, Vivaché“I love Vivaché!  An absolutely enchanting book!”

Dan Hill has recently written and recorded an amazing new album, Intimate.   His songs on this album are mesmerizing ~ I will play them and be swept away until the music stops and I come back to reality….. please follow the links and have a listen  :)Dan Hill, Intimate AlbumDan Hill, Internationally renown singer-songwriter, Grammy Winner, 5 time Juno Winner and recipient of the prestigious Harold Moon Award (Canadian Lifetime Songwriting Achievement Award), has also enjoyed consistent success as a ‘behind the scenes’ songwriter.  His compositions have been recorded by many artists spanning many musical genres.

Pop singers Celine Dion, Britney Spears, 98 Degrees, The Backstreet Boys, Rod Stewart, Donny Osmond, Jennifer Rush and Michael Bolton, R&B singers Tina Turner, George Benson, and Jeffrey Osborne and country singers Tammy Wynette, Sammy Kershaw, Mark Wills, Reba, Alan Jackson, and Lorrie Morgan, to name a select few.

After years of writing award winning songs for artists such as Celine Dion, The Backstreet Boys, Intimate was released in March 2010. The album featured new songs such as the CD’s lead track “(Don’t Tell Me) How I Feel” and revised versions of his hit songs recorded by 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys, Reba McEntire and Michael W. Smith.

You may find Dan’s concert schedule and links to his music on his official website:

The Official Dan Hill Website:

I hope all of you will have a listen to Intimate – I love this new album !

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Kailee ~ 7-Years Old, 7th Book Published, Vivaché


Illustrated by 7-Year Old Kailee, Written by Elizabeth Hoadley

Kailee illustrated her first book, Sweet Snuggles, at 2-Years Old and has been hard at “play” ever since, illustrating one book a year, or more, since that time.


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Three Graces of Aquila ~ Reading by Author, Elizabeth Hoadley

Three Graces of Aquila
To be published March 15, 2012

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